20 Facts About Me

Do you really want to know things about me? Who knows. I thought that it’d be a nice idea to share some things about me since I am starting to get a few followers and I’d like to get to know all of you.

  1. Oreos are life.
  2. I dislike seafood
  3. I love music. All kinds of music that I can’t pick just one artist or one song to be my favorite.
  4. I am a music business major
  5. I have a slight makeup addiction
  6. My ears are stretched to a size 0
  7. I play guitar. Well try.
  8. I sing
  9. I like to read
  10. I cry when I see anything cute, especially animals
  11. I love animals
  12. I want a corgi
  13. I want to give back as much as I can
  14. I can sound like Sitch from Lilo and Stitch
  15. I love the beach
  16. I’d like to create a festival one day
  17. I hula hoop. Well used to I need to pick it up again.
  18. I perform in the shower
  19. I would like to have a massive vinyl collection one day
  20. I am pretty awkward but also obnoxious

Well there yah have it!

Until next time

Ashley ♥


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