Wish List (#1)

I call this Wish List #1 because I’m sure this won’t be the only one I make. I make these all the time and I thought maybe I would share with all of you. Right now I’m on a “no buy” so to speak. I’m not buying myself anything other than actual needs, bills, etc. I have to save money so instead I make wish lists that I can come back to later.

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the following photos, each were taken from all brands websites*


Let’s be real, I will always have makeup on my lists because I love it and always want to buy it so here’s some things I’ve been eyeing recently!

Thrive Causemetics

After trying and consistently using their Brilliant Eye Brightener (which I recommend all of you to get) I started looking more into the brand. Every product you purchase, another gets donated to women going through cancer or domestic violence. I love what this brand stands for and from talking to them a bit they have the sweetest people behind it. They also listen and ask for opinions from their customers which I think is so important. They are testing some new products in their Thrive Lab and post about it on their Instagram (@thrivecausemetics) so definitely keep an eye out for new goodies 🙂

Two recent products they have released are on my wishlist. The first being the Sun Chaser Blur + Sculpt Powder in Rhea. I’ve recently gotten more into bronzing and this product looks promising as it is described as ” buildable, blendable + seamless coverage for a naturally sun-kissed complexion.” The next product is Cosmo Power Multi-Dimensional Strobing Blush in Rosie. Thrive actually recommended this shade to me on my Instagram (@whatsuppash) saying this shade would go really well with my fair complexion. With that being said I had to add this to my wish list. This is to be a blush/highlight combo and I am definitely interested.


Like Thrive, this is another brand that I’ve only tried one or two products from, but absolutely fell in love with the brand. This brand focuses on bringing out the best in your skin and I love that. Glossier targets to make your skin look dewy and fresh and feeling good. Basically I want to try everything from the brand at some point, but I’ll settle for the three above for now.

April 4th is the day the Lip Gloss came back, and back for good. Looking through all the pictures on Instagram, this is the glossiest lip gloss I have ever seen. It’s so shiny and makes your lips look juicy and that is the complete opposite of what I normally go for, but I want it.

Cloud Paint is also new to Glossier. I really like cream/gel blushes because they blend more into the skin to make it look like more of a natural flush on your cheeks. These blushes are aimed for all skin tones so there is a shade for everyone!

Lastly is the Stretch Concealer. I’ve never heard of a concealer described the way it is. This concealer stays dewy, this way it doesn’t give off the dry, cakey finish. I wouldn’t normally go for this with having combo/oily skin, however, I hate getting the flakiness from dried up pimples and I think this would solve this!

If any of you are interested in purchasing anything from Glossier, you can use my link below and get 20% off your first order which I think is awesome! I will be honest with you and tell you that I do get store credit for everyone who uses it, but I look at it as we both get money off so it’s a win-win. Thank you so much if you do ♥


Juvias Place


I’ve never heard of this brand until I saw some beauty influencers post about it on Instagram. Their Saharan Palette appealed the most to me because I love neutrals, but this also had a few pops of color. From swatches I’ve seen, these looks super pigmented and buttery and I want to play with it immediately. I can’t wait until I can spend the money on it.


When it comes to fashion, I don’t spend a whole lot of time and money on it, but I want to look good and put together.

Denim Jacket and Buckled Booties

I have been wanting a good denim jacket for a while now. I might end up thrifting one, but I found this distressed jacket on Topshop and new this is the one. I love the distressed detail and I feel I could style this is so many ways. I could make it edgy or make it more dressed up.

These booties are also from Topshop, but I am just using them as a reference. I would like to find a pair of booties with buckles such as these ones. I keep my shoes pretty basic and simple, so having a statement pair of shoes in my wardrobe would be awesome. If anyone knows of a good pair send them my way!


I don’t know what it is but seeing all of these pin companies on Instagram (where I find basically all of my inspo) makes me want to start a collection. There’s so many different styles and you can add them to jackets, bags, pretty much anything you want. I’m going to share a few pages I found that you could check out and if you know of any pin companies you love comment them below 🙂

pins 2 Just Peachy

pins Deja Pins

Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what’s on your wish list!

Have a lovely day

-Ashley ♥


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